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Email: kbuchana AT | Office: CPS 472 | Address: University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, 1901 Fourth Avenue, Stevens Point, WI 54481

Dang it, Jim. I'm an astronomer, not a doctor! I mean, I am a doctor, but I'm not that kind of doctor. I have a doctorate, it's not the same thing. You can't help people with a doctorate. You just sit there and you're useless! -Doctor Doppler in Treasure Planet (2002) (more quotes)

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Some content and curriculum based on work by: Maysee Herr, Rand Spiro, Lisa Bardon, Quinn Stanley, Larry Riggs, Pat Shaw, Sue Slick, and others at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Unattributed images are the work of the author or taken from Microsoft PowerPoint.

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